First Impressions

"This was a very pleasant surprise. I really felt the cool energy. This was very rewarding on a first session and I will continue it. Thanks much!"

— H. L., Network Specialist

"New thing for me, will practice daily (or at least I will try). Thanks!"

— E. C., Technology Consultant

"Enjoyed the session. At the end of the meditation my mind was free, light and relaxed. I felt coolness in my hand and above my head.

— V. R., Project Manager

"Very interesting. For a couple of minutes I was actually not feeling my thoughts racing. I am looking forward to learning more."

— A. P., Quality Assurance Analyst

"What a wonderful tool - looking forward to more."

— C. R., Human Resources Manager

"Eager to progress with this."

— T. R., Executive Assistant

"Genuinely better feeling."

— J. A. B., Tax Manager

"Wow, this was great! Just using the different affirmations and working to let go of the associated daily stress felt wonderful and freeing."

— G. H., Technology Consultant

"I was able to feel silence and a kind of energy flow in the body."

— N. T., Enterprise Services Consultant

"It was relaxing. I was stressing at the beginning and at the end much better. Thanks!"

— T. C., Enterprise Services Consultant

"Very Relaxing"

— C. D., Technology Consultant

After a few Months

"These sessions have really helped me to understand people around me better, and helped me understand the limits of my work/responsibility and not to take over-responsibility which was earlier ruining my perspective towards things in life and was making me feel unhappy. I can clearly see a difference in my dealings with my kids, my husband and colleagues in day-to-day life. I am definitely at peace and more confident today. I have started to love my work and home better than before. I am more satisfied today than ever in my life."

— I. S., Business Analyst

"I work as a Program Manager managing 10 projects in different states in the United States region. I used to feel completely exhausted, stressed and impatient at the end of the day. After starting this series of meditations, I now feel completely rejuvenated, I'm able to control my anger, and am able to balance work life with my personal life. I encourage and recommend this session for all, even if they are not stressed! Once again thank you for making this available."

— R. K., Program Manager

"I enjoy learning about the energies that flow through the body, and the connection between them and overall wellbeing. I am learning ways to identify when I might be out of balance, along with various techniques I can use to help balance these energies. Even though I have not had the opportunity to practice as much as I would like to, it's great knowledge to have for those times when I feel out of balance. And it's a great way to end a busy workday."

— M. T., Enterprise Services Consultant

"I feel that these series have helped me learn how to calm myself down during tense situations. I am very interested in more natural approaches vs. a pill for everything and so this very much fits into my lifestyle. As we are all balancing so many things (stressful jobs, more work/less people on our teams, children, elderly parents, etc.) these are nice moments of 'calm' that I look forward to every time."

— M. P., Corporate Administration Consultant

"This program teaches a type of focus that is the perfect antidote to a world that is often very scattered. Everyone that must face multiple challenges and multiple to-do lists will benefit from the self-awareness and discipline learned from this program. The investment of time will pay off in any professional endeavor."

— R. H., Sales Operations Manager

"This program gives insights to understand why people react differently under stress. The techniques help me to know when to cope with my emotions and actions when in stress. After each session, I feel focused, more clear in thought process and totally refreshed. I would recommend this to anyone."

— A. C., Finance Manager

"I found that this program provided stress relief for me. After a meditation session, I felt less stressed and was able to deal more calmly with various situations. The benefits that I received were better sleep and focused thinking in addressing work/life priorities and setting boundaries.

I find that when I'm able to meditate, I can clear away the information overload and stress history that builds up in my mind/body and contributes to chronic stress. I agree with the findings of the Mayo Clinic that meditation provides these emotional benefits as well as health benefits to those who embrace and practice it.

The emotional benefits of meditation include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage your stress
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Focusing on the present
  • Reducing negative emotions
  • I appreciate that you are offering this series of meditations that we can all take advantage of."

    — R. G., Enterprise Services Consultant