Feel The Energy Within

Your Inner Energy is the power of pure desire, a soothing energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. When awakened, it rises through the central channel, piercing the six Energy Centers and is released through the fontanel bone area ‐ often feeling like a cool breeze. Experiencing the cool breeze is what it is to "feel the energy within." Tapping into and raising your Inner Energy is the key to improving your life in every possible way across every level. Even if you don't achieve cool breeze immediately, you will still feel calmer, more relaxed and less stressed. Try it and see for yourself.

Once the Inner Energy has been awakened, you'll find that Sahaja Meditation makes it easy to be "in the state of meditation", rather than "doing meditation" as is the case with other meditation systems. Think of it as purified attention, a state of optimal energy flow through which the mind is calmed and gradually emptied of all distractions and negative thoughts and feelings. Sahaja Meditation techniques allow you to extend that fraction‐of‐a‐second gap between one thought and the next to a continuum we call "thoughtless awareness" - a much‐needed break from the thoughts that constantly bombard us all day long.

The sessions are always free of charge. We are eager and hopeful to see you all.

Weekly Classes

Beginner programs are offered every week. You can start at any time. Programs take place at two locations:

Sahaja Meditation Center of DFW

Tuesdays from 7-8PM Saturdays from 11AM-12PM +1 (972) 235 2606

West Irving Public Library

Tuesdays from 7-8PM +1 (469) 351 4714

Falak Art Studio

Saturdays from 12-1PM. +1 (972) 885 7876


"This was a very pleasant surprise. I really felt the cool energy. This was very rewarding on a first session and I will continue it. Thanks much!"

— H. L., Network Specialist

"Enjoyed the session. At the end of the meditation my mind was free, light and relaxed. I felt coolness in my hand and above my head.

— V. R., Project Manager

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